TURNTABLE is not just a platform; it is also about socialising and learning new skills. 

To ensure TURNTABLE is fit-for-purpose, the components and dashboard must be tested amongst the target audience. So-called co-creation sessions allow developers to understand more about how people interact with applications during development, help identify any problems with the set-up (e.g. button size, location and colour), and ascertain any missing elements, before products are launched. 

But, you might ask, who selects these people and manages the testing …

Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), a non-profit technology transfer centre, is responsible for leading testing in Portugal. Founded in 1991, IPN specialises in training and support for tech-based spin-offs, promoting a culture of innovation, quality, and entrepreneurship. In TURNTABLE, IPN is responsible for co-creation testing in Portugal and integration of the components (OPEN, Tomappo and Agrumino) into a single dashboard.

This means IPN also has a role in delivering TURNTABLE to the market, ensuring the final product is readily available to those who would might benefit most. Important as the technology is, however, the application must be more enjoyable, interactive and useful, otherwise people will not use it. Thus, IPN is also considering implementation of a social health monitoring component, helping users to stay safe and independent with the support of their family and friends.

Platform – a group of technologies that form a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies can be developed. In personal computing, this included the basic hardware (computer, tablet or mobile) and software (operating system) on which software applications (apps) can be run.