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TURNTABLE is an extensible ICT platform integrating with solutions for the most pressing daily needs of the elderly.





Beta Users

As people age, they tend to become more sedentary and less active. This worsens the normal age-related decline in both physical and cognitive functioning. There is a continued decline in muscle mass, strength and power, falls become more frequent and dangerous, and everyday tasks become more intimidating. These difficulties may interfere with the maintenance of a good nutritional status as well as with the older adults’ everyday functioning and participation in social activities.

TURNTABLE will motivate older adults to adopt healthy nutritional habits by providing personalized dietary recommendations and guidelines to prepare healthy and balanced meals and assist older adults in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle by involving them in recreational social agriculture/gardening activities, aimed at growing the food included in their diet, reducing feelings of isolation, acquiring new skills and enjoying green and outdoor spaces.

TURNTABLE is a platform, a one-stop-shop for ICT solutions for the elderly. Users (primary, secondary and tertiary) will be involved at all stages of platform development: selection of components to be included (co-creation sessions), integration and adaptation to user needs (usability testing) and testing (field trials, open beta). Together with the involvement of customers in the project (mobile network operators), this approach ensures adoption and sustainability of the solution.


TURNTABLE proposes an active involvement of the end-users during the whole project as well as an iterative design-implementation-evaluation process, which will progressively shape the platform through co-creation, testing and evaluation with involved stakeholders from the early stages of design.

  Deliverable name Nature/type
of deliverable
(project month)
1.1 Co-creation plan Report M3
1.2 Co-creation report Report M12
2.1 Integrated first version of platform for field trials Prototype M12
2.2 Second version of platform Prototype M24
2.3 Public beta version Prototype M18
2.4 Final report on support, debugging and refinement Report M36
3.1 Trial plan Report M24
3.2 Training documentation for users Documents M24
3.3 Final report on field trials results Report M36
4.1 Exploitation plan Report M18
4.2 Intermediate business plan and business model Report M18
4.3 Final business plan and business model Report M30
5.1 Calendar year report’s (after end of each calendar year) Report M10, M22, M34
5.2 Plan for the dissemination and communication Report M4, M19
5.3 Mid-term review questionnaire Report M18
5.4 TURNTABLE final workshop Event M36
5.5 Final report Report M38

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