GINF Systems Kft. (HR) provides tailored software solutions and information technologies and, in TURNTABLE, is responsible for core computer communications and data storage. More specifically, GINF will ensure that existing apps (Tomappo, OPEN, Agrumino) and future additions (e.g. IntegrAAL), despite being designed and implemented separately, work together via a dashboard controlled by users.

A protype dashboard was created and tested by users during the co-creation sessions. Now, GINF is adapting the dashboard, based on feedback, to match users’ expectations as well as ensuring the backend – elements of software that users never see – collects and stores information correctly.

Once ready, this updated (beta-)version of TURNTABLE will be tested in Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Belgium as part of a year-long field trial. During this period, GINF will monitor behaviour of the platform, ensuring it functions as it should, address any issues identified, and determine user satisfaction.

At the end of this period, TURNTABLE will be prepared for launch in Portugal and Slovenia with GINF Systems Kft. supporting introduction of the software into commercial systems and helping to devise marketing approaches compatible with users’ needs.