If you love gardening, or you just like plants around the house, but you a bit of a mess when it comes to taking proper care of them, Lifely (IT) has developed something that might help. 

Agrumino is a social gardening device, produced by Lifely, a subsidiary of Abínsula (IT). The device, shaped like a leaf with a narrow stem, is designed to be inserted in the soil and takes multiple measurements using high-quality digital sensors. 

 Agrumino is wireless, independent, and measurements are communicated to users in natural language, telling you what your plants need, e.g. I am thirsty, light levels are too low, via a wifi interface. There are two variants of Agrumino:  

  • Lemon and Orange, which is sold as a pre-assembled kit for developers, with a quick start guide and brief description of the functionalities as well as instructions on where to download the IDE and libraries. 
  • Orange, which is a pre-programmed product in a plastic case that protects the electronics from moisture and direct contact with water, which is ideal for gardening enthusiasts who want to start immediately and need a robust device. 

Both versions can control external tools, such as irrigation pumps or valves, meaning they adapt to specific users’ needs.