The University of Pannonia (UP) is in Veszprém (Hungary) and was founded in 1949, and UP activities in TURNTABLE, performed within the Medical Informatics R&D Centre (Faculty of Information Technology), focus on design of co-creation sessions with volunteers in four countries, namely Italy, Slovenia, Belgium and Portugal.

The co-creations sessions aim to test the real-world practicality of existing tools, i.e. Tomappo, OPEN and Agrumino, which form TURNTABLE. Volunteers, who represent potential future users in terms of age and familiarity with ICT technologies, will be asked to solve simple tasks using prototypes and provide feedback.

The aim is not to test the volunteers but ensure proposed tools and related technologies are fit-for-purpose and intuitive. If issues do arise, user feedback is important in the delivery of solutions.

Some of the co-creation sessions will be executed using interactive mock-up applications that resemble closely TURNTABLE user voice-controlled interfaces. Data from these sessions will be assessed by UP to inform design of a longer field trial, again with volunteers in the four countries.

UP is also contributing to software development tasks and the backend database and will support the commercial roll-out of TURNTABLE in Portugal and Slovenia.